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The Art and Science of Professional Communication

Many talented professionals have hidden concerns about their speaking and how they come across.  Voice, image, executive presence, communication style and presentation performance can positively or negatively impact productivity and promotability.

As coach and communications facilitator, I support leaders, their teams, entrepreneurs, and professionals to speak up, have their voice, pushback, work a room and influence with impact – essentially, to communicate at their best.

Listening deeply, I see the big picture, ask targeted questions and zero in on the critical skills that have the most immediate and positive impact for client communication success.

Do you Need Help?

When You're New

  • I never presented from a stage before…
  • I just transferred to a new division. Should I speak up or lay low?
  • I heard I’m perceived as “pushy” but I think I’m being respectful and professional.

When you receive feedback

  • My peers say they can’t hear me on conference calls, that my voice isn’t projecting.
  • My performance review says I need to be more succinct and less detailed.
  • Colleagues don’t know what the “ask” is from my presentation.

When you present

  • Are slide-dependent and/or sound stilted or “scripted” – slides are too text-y and you read them verbatim.
  • You feel cut-off from the audience, disconnected.
  • The audience is inattentive because of a “ho-hum” presentation style.

When English is your second language

  • I’m not confident speaking to a group.
  • I miss some of the nuances and humor at meetings.
  • I don’t know how to break into a discussion.

Coaching and Consulting

While many people may have the same concern, a unique and personalized strategy is essential for change.

Overcome barriers, achieve and advance with customized communication coaching.

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