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Vision and Mission

The goal of communication coaching and consulting is to promote speaker confidence, message clarity, and  listener connection in speakers worldwide.

Many talented professionals have hidden concerns about their speaking and how they come across.  Voice, image, executive presence, communication style and presentation performance can positively or negatively impact productivity and promotability.

I listen, see the big picture, ask targeted questions and zero in on the critical skills that have the most immediate and positive impact for client communication success.

As coach and communications facilitator, I support leaders, their teams, entrepreneurs, and professionals to speak up, have their voice, pushback, work a room and influence with impact – essentially, to communicate at their best.

Speaker Confidence

Risk Adverse Professionals - Negotiation

Employees who are silent at meetings and hesitant to push back when confronted by Senior Executives.


Client has public speaking anxiety, which compromises self-image, authenticity, and career choices.

International Consultant - Assertiveness

Outstanding performer who lacks inner confidence. Difficulty asserting opinion and discredits professional status.

Message Clarity

Manager - Written Communication

Report-writing is awkward, incomplete and with grammatical errors, compromising professional image and promotion.

Multilingual Entrepreneur - Simplification

Communication, described as “long-winded,” wordy and hesitant, needs to be more fluid and succinct.

Senior Director - Remedial Phonics

Successful professional with difficulty pronouncing names and unfamiliar words.

Listener Connection

Senior Executive - Voice & Articulation

Client is asked to repeat himself too often at meetings. Speech is hard to hear, fast and blurry, challenging listeners’ attention and buy-in.

Director - Verbosity

Audiences get lost in lengthy, unclear explanations, affecting partners’ trust and understanding and creating the perception of a lack of preparation.

Marketing Professional - Vocal Dynamics

Bilingual professional who sounds scripted when presenting.

Coaching and Consulting


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