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Times have changed! Online coaching is more prevalent than in-person meetings. However, what has not changed, what has remained constant, are the coaching and consulting services offered and my commitment to service quality and communication improvement.

The oldest of seven, I’ve always been a leader and mentor especially in the area of communication and learning. My early studies at Emerson College in Boston, concentrated on Speech Pathology, Communication Sciences and the Speech Arts. These are the foundation of my knowledge and the lens from which I assess speaking styles and non-verbal behavior that compromise potential and optimum performance.

When my position at the University’s Mental Health Center was phased out, I opened a private practice which later became a consulting and coaching business.  My vision involves providing communication services for professionals and businesses as coach, workshop facilitator, consultant and speaker. 

My approach embraces the physical, emotional, cultural and learning styles of each individual.  While many may have the same concern, a unique and personalized strategy is essential for achieving success.  


Coaching and Consulting

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