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The Art and Science of Professional Communication

Client Challenges

Communication can be Challenging…

When You're New

  • And never presented from a stage before…
  • You just transferred to a new division and wonder, should I speak up or lay low?
  • You are perceived as “pushy” but think you’re being respectful and professional.

When you receive feedback

  • My peers say they can’t hear me on conference calls, that my voice isn’t projecting.
  • My performance review says I need to be more succinct and less detailed.
  • Colleagues don’t know what the “ask” is from my presentation.

When you present

  • And are slide-dependent and/or sound stilted or “scripted” – slides are too text-y and you read them verbatim.
  • You feel cut-off from the audience, disconnected.
  • The audience is inattentive because of a “ho-hum” presentation style.

When English is your second language

  • And you’re not confident speaking to a group.
  • You miss some of the nuances and humor at meetings.
  • You don’t know how to break into a discussion.

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